Your Complete E-Commerce Solution

Whether you need a whole system set up, or a bespoke extension to your Opencart store, impressnet are the professionals you need.

From Back End to Front End

impressnet can set up a whole system for your e-commerce business. Whether you are starting from scratch, or would like more control over your current system, we can help

The Back End

impressnet are experts in the ERP system Odoo. Odoo has every feature you could need to run a business, including: accounting; stock management; project management and an HR system. Odoo features both an e-mail style messaging system and an instant messaging system, so you and your staff will always be up to date.

The Front End

impressnet have extensive experience with Opencart. Opencart is an incredibly simple to use, and extremely customisable online shopping system. impressnet can set you up a whole website using the Opencart framework, which can have all of the features you need for your website, and will match your company's corparate colours, fonts and other guidelines.

We can also connect the Odoo and Opencart systems, which makes stock management a breeze, and gives you the ultimate power of control over the whole e-commerce system.

Bespoke Extensions


If you are looking for a custom extension for your Odoo system, we are happy to build one for you. All we need is your specifications and a time frame. Please use the contact form for more information.


The Opencart extensions directory is full of useful plugins for any Opencart store. How many are there, however, that really fulfil exactly what you need? In our experience of running Opencart stores, we find that there are lots of extensions which are "nearly there". They have all but one of the features you are looking for. If you have found this problem, or any others, just use our contact form, and let us know what you need, and when you need it by.

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